Many people ask me what supplements to take during hard training. It seems like that is the only time we actually think we need supplements. Whereas, it is true that that is an important time to supplement your diet with extra vitamins and nutrients, it is certainly not the only time you need to be taking them. I understand there are athletes that are just not into supplements. And to be completely honest with you neither was I when I did not know how important they are for you at any sport. 

As we all know, swimming does not have a season. It simply is an all-year-long kind of sport and our training routine only gets harder as we get closer to a meet. And as we also know, this can happened at any time of the year. With school we also have another challenge to face. It seems that kids do not get a break all year long. When school is over, summer starts and swimming gets harder. I tell you, swimmers are most definitely a different kind of athlete breed! But, we make it happen. We make it possible and most importantly, we make it work. 

Just as you have heard me say that a balanced diet is important to keep all year long, you probably have heard me talk about supplements and how essential it is to keep a routine of supplement use all year long. Specifically for our kids in the club, I believe there are a couple of ‘must-have’ supplements. I know I have talked about them with our swimmers in numerous group and individual counseling seasons, but here it is again. Our kids (and I dare to include parents as well) should be taking a multivitamin, probiotics and fish oils. There are countless studies proving the benefits of these products in the body. Also, another important detail to be aware of is when you take all of these supplements. It is recommended to take all of these supplements with the biggest meal of the day. Why? All of these supplements are greater absorbed with food. The biggest meal, like dinner, is most likely to be the complete balanced meal of the day including protein, carbohydrates and fats that stimulate ideal acid and enzymes secretion in the gut promoting a better absorption of water and fat soluble vitamins, oils, fatty acids and probiotics. 

Now, let’s start trying this trick starting tomorrow. Let’s take precaution to avoid getting sick or compromising your immune system. And more importantly, let’s be consistent. Summer promise to be a hard season for us, tons of training, camps and outside activities. Preparation and prevention is necessary to avoid getting sick and be able to come back faster and stronger for practice the next day!