Arlene Semeco completed a Master of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition from Florida International University and a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition from The University of Alabama. Arlene is a Registered Dietitian, Licensed by the State of Florida and is also a Certified Sports Nutritionist by The International Society of Sports Nutrition. 

Her nutrition experience involves creation and development of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and herbal products to support wellness and disease prevention. She also has experience in research being involved in several clinical trials for nutritional supplements. 

Arlene is also a Clinical Dietitian at Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital with experience in sub-acute care and rehabilitation medicine. During her time in clinical practice she specializes in stroke, diabetes, orthopedic injuries, cardiac care and neurological disorders and process improvement. With her expertise in the world of sports, Arlene has been able to apply her knowledge of nutrition to help athletes improve performance and achieve their health and athletic goals in different sports as she has during the years. 

Arlene is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Florida Dietetics Association and the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Arlene has conducted numerous presentations on various topics pertaining general nutrition and sports application of nutrition and supplements. 





Healthy Start Package

If you are ready to start transforming your life, get more knowledge from the expert and kick off living a healthier lifestyle this package is for you. It will give you tips and tools to start learning basic nutrition in an easy and fun way.

This plan includes:

  • One-hour initial consultation
  • Initial comprehensive assessment
  • Three-days meal plan
  • List of tips, tricks and healthy eating habits
  • Basic shopping list


Power & Knowledge Package

This is the way to give your life a power lift and complete renovation. With this package you will be able to gain knowledge and incorporate powerful tools that will not only rejuvenate your body but also transform your life completely.

This plan includes:

  •  One-hour initial consultation
  •  Initial comprehensive assessment
  • 1 Half-hour follow up
  • Seven-days meal plan
  • List of tips, tricks and healthy eating habits
  • Basic shopping list
  • Supplements recommendations


30 or 60 minute Follow Up Appointments

Available for those who have had the 60 minute initial consultation and would like to have additional information and support through your healthy lifestyle transformation. In these sessions we will discuss progress, reassess goals and achievements, as well as, discuss setbacks and challenges. Additional tips and meal planning will be considered.


Customized meal plan

After collecting information from you including a 72-hour food recall, I will design a 6-day meal plan that will fit your needs. You will also be provided of a grocery shopping list and basic recipes for some of the meals.


Nutrition Power Plans

These plans are designed to get you engaged in a predetermined set time to achieve your goals and transform your life forever. Everyone is different when it comes to stick to plans, as well as, to achieve desired results. This plan includes initial consultation session, a customized meal plan, nutrition support information and unlimited email support. You will also have two 30-minute follow-up sessions based on the length of program you choose.

Prices vary depending on length of time - Message me for details

Length of program should be based on your desired outcome and degree of engagement.


 Let’s go shopping!

Meet me at your favorite local grocery store and let’s get a grip of this grocery shopping experience. You will learn how to read food labels, find the healthy choices and what to get to stock up your fridge and pantry. You will find out how easy and cheap is to buy the food you need to achieve your health goals!

This service is available mainly in Broward County area and will carry extra cost for West Palm and Miami-Dade areas.


Cook Yourself Fit

Learn how to make 3 healthy meals so easy you won’t believe your eyes! You will be able to learn how to make them on your own and transform your life with an endless range of options. I will be coming to your house to help you prepare and transform your eating habits right from your kitchen. Bonus!!! I will also go through your fridge and pantry and will help you select what foods to keep and what to toss away and keep you in check with your available foods (3 hours approx.)

This service is available mainly in Broward County area and will carry extra cost for West Palm and Miami-Dade areas.


Monthly Text/Email support

If you need continuous support and help to keep yourself accountable during the health transformation, with this service you will have just that! Keep on track on your health transformations and goals with monthly text/email support!


Nutrition Talks (GROUPS OF UP TO 10 PEOPLE or more upon request)

Designed to teach basics in nutrition, healthy lifestyle, good foods vs. bad foods, sports nutrition and more. These one-hour long presentations are targeted to any audience – from kids to adults. I like working with small groups to gain interaction and more engagement. If you are looking to gain knowledge for you and your group, this is great way to start!